LEARN MORE Life changing events affects us emotionally. If you have experienced a life changing event such as trauma, illness, loss of job oir broken relationship your in the right place.

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Quantum Leap Your Success is a proven system of success principles that can take you to the new and better life that you desire.

The program is all about identifying what you want out of life, discarding any limiting beliefs, and ultimately achieving your dreams and goals so that you can create the life you deserve.


Hope and Healing with a plan for your Life & Career

Create a work/life balance

Gain Clarity about what you really want and improve your confidence

Identify areas where you are stuck or stagnant

Identify triggers and ways to avoid them

Discover your life purpose

Identify career and personal goals with measurable outcomes

Managing your brain (and the thoughts within it) is the most important thing you will ever do to create your desired results.

Expand your comfort zone and find stress relievers

I will personally guide you through actual planning steps, solutions to roadblocks, confidence-building techniques — plus so much more. Includes weekly worksheets and accountability ideas to keep you on track with your goals. 

I will use my proven, step-by-step processes and tools for helping you reach a point of BREAKTHROUGH and change old patterns and habits and create lasting change.

Through gentle talking, and by working through a series of special exercises, we’ll help you to get unstuck by identifying your needs and potential roadblocks, and gain absolute CLARITY about what you really want out of your life, as well as identify who you truly are so that you can live an AUTHENTIC life, and so that you can GROW and stop doubting your ability to ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS.

If your ready to improve your quality of life and release the negative issues, I can help.  Are you ready to take action? Schedule a complementary 45 minute strategy session to see how we gel as a client and life coach.

Sometimes we get so caught up in fighting change that we put off actually dealing with it. Denial is a powerful force, and it protects us in many ways. However, stepping outside of it and saying to yourself, “Things are changing, and it is okay” can be less stressful than putting it off.

Maybe due to this change in your life you have met new people. Maybe you started practicing healthier habits. Maybe you became more politically active. Maybe you became more assertive. Maybe the change helped you prioritize what is most important in your life. Change presents us with the opportunity to grow, and it’s important to acknowledge how things have become better as a result.

When you go through change, you may gravitate toward social media—maybe posting to your friends on Facebook what is going on in your life. First, make sure you are in a calm state when you post—and keep in mind that whatever you post never really disappears. Also, if you are comparing your life to your friends’ lives on social media, remember that most people post only the “highlight reel” of their lives, not the stressful moments. This can give you a skewed view that everyone else’s lives are going just fine. Everyone has battles they are fighting; it’s just different battles with different people. Step away from social media if you are starting to compare your life to others.

And finally, give yourself a break. In a time of change, you may feel a little out of control. You may feel like you are not living up to your expectations for yourself. Remember that you are allowed to do less than what is humanly possible. Nothing says you have to function at 100 percent all the time. People make mistakes—it’s one of the great things about being human. It’s learning from the mistakes that really counts. Think about it like this: There are no mistakes, only good stories for later. Make a point to incorporate more laughter and fun into your life. Laughing increases dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins—and that makes you feel good. Laughing also decreases cortisol—a stress-producing hormone.

No one gets through life alone. It is okay to ask for help; that’s a sign that you know yourself well enough to realize you need some assistance. Think of your trusted friends or family members. Chances are that they are happy to help if you need them to watch your kids while you run some errands, or if you just need some alone time. There may a neighbor who has asked you for help in the past—now maybe you can ask them for help.  If you are thinking about hurting yourself or killing yourself, please contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline online or at 1-800-273-8255.

Being proactive means taking charge and working preventatively. This means you figure out what steps you need to take before something happens. Being reactive means you wait until something has happened and then you take action. Being proactive means you make an appointment with your doctor for a physical because you know something stressful is coming up and you want to make sure you are in good health. It means becoming active with groups that help you realize that you can make a positive impact on the world.

Having a support group to whom you can vent can be helpful—to a point. If you and your support group are solely venting, that feeling of frustration can be contagious. Try gearing the conversation toward action: What can you do to make things better? When people brainstorm together, their creativity and hopefulness can be contagious as well.

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It explores the client both inside and out, their beliefs, values, expectations, assumptions and psychological patterns that guide how they show up in life or the workplace


It builds on the assumption that clients are whole, unbroken and they have the resources they need to make changes


Drawn from a wide range of schools of thought, it enables coaches to find their own unique, psychologically grounded way of working with clients


Coaches learn to pay attention to all aspects of a client’s experience – the cognitive, affective, somatic, relational and behavioural dimensions

If your ready to improve your quality of life and release the negative issues, I can help.  Are you ready to take action? Schedule a complementary 45 minute strategy session to see how we gel as a client and life coach.





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