4 Tips to Embrace Change

4 Tips to Learn How to Embrace Change Think of it this way. Change is inevitable. It is like a river flowing downstream, following the law of gravity. When you resist it, it feels like trying to row upstream during a flood. When you accept change and embrace it is like easily flowing downstream. You (more…)

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How to Be Successful in Life: 17 Success Principles

In this day and age, we tend to want things fast. From weight loss to internet speed to a response to your latest email or text, it’s all about instant gratification. This extends to the career sphere, too, where people tend to want to make money and become successful ASAP. So, you want to finally (more…)

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Quantum Leap Your Success Principles for Millennials

Looking for breakthrough strategies that really work?Are you stressed, depressed, and ready for a change?Seeking inspiration to help you plan for massive success? In this program, I share 17 Success Principles for Millennials that ever top influencers on this planet teach, for taking a Quantum Leap Your Success you’re ready for.Don’t live an ordinary life (more…)

17 Reasons Why People Fail

17 Reasons Why People Fail There are few emotions worse than feeling like a failure.What might seem like a trivial or insignificant hiccup to someone on the outside can actually feel like a major disaster to the person involved. The weight that comes with the feeling of failure isn’t caused by the reality of the (more…)

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Staying True to Yourself

STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF! ARTICLE TRANSCRIPT Stay true to yourself because they are very few people that will always be true to you! You don’t realize it, but every day your experiences and actions are shaping who you are. And you still have so much ahead of you. Along the way you will find tests — some (more…)

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Live Your Life

Trauma Recovery Coaching consists of helping functioning (even partially) individuals set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and maintain motivation while trying to move past trauma that they have suffered as a child or adult. It’s for anybody that has suffered a traumatic event and sometimes finds themselves stuck emotionally in a place that prevents them (more…)

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