How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs That Plague You

How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs That Plague You


Limiting beliefs are beliefs that you hold, whether you’re aware of them or not, that limit your success or your ability to live life to your fullest capacity.

These are the beliefs that hold us back, and they are at the center of our psychological fears – the ones that tell us what we are and aren’t capable of, what we have permission to do, when we will and won’t be valued as a person, and more.

We all have limiting beliefs, and they are often formed very early in childhood based on what those around us told us about ourselves or the world in general.

There are even some common limiting beliefs that many people share such as “girls should be nice,” or “boys don’t cry.”

We operate with beliefs, even limiting beliefs, all the time until one day when we run up against one of these bad boys and we find that our belief truly does limit us from getting something that we want out of life.

When that happens, life can become very painful unless you know how to blast through your own limiting beliefs.

It’s often tempting to think that a situation has external causes – that there are things outside your control that are causing you to not get what you want. Many times, there are. But more often than not, you have much more control of the situation than you think, and by shifting your beliefs and consequently your actions, you can ultimately get what you want.

People can transform their lives once they are willing and able to get rid of the “mind trash” that’s in their way.

So how do you do it? Here’s a simple (not easy) This course will show you how.


Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs That Plague You
Lesson 1 What Is Limiting Beliefs

A simple 4 step process for overcoming your limiting beliefs. Try it with something you are feeling stuck with right now in your own life and see if you can get unstuck.

Step 1: Identifying Your Limiting Belief
The first step is to identify your limiting belief

Step 2: Challenge Your Limiting Belief
This can be easy, once you see the belief laid out like this, or it may be hard. There is a method called the Lefkoe Method that is designed to help you break through your limiting beliefs and my understanding is that at its core goal of the method is to get you to see that there is no basis in truth for your belief. It attempts to show you that it was your interpretation of events that lead you to create a belief that you then carried

Step 3: Find Unlimited Beliefs
This step is all about finding beliefs that aren’t limiting. But note: This doesn’t mean they are necessarily the opposite of your limiting beliefs or that they are just a sunny outlook

Step Four: Believing Your New Beliefs
It’s one thing to figure out a belief that makes sense, it’s another to believe it.

That’s why it’s so important to come up with something that truly works for you – something strong enough and logical enough, and with enough emotional resonance to stand up to your big, bad, bully limiting belief from before.

When you have a new belief that fits the bill, now it’s just a matter of forming a new habit.

Worksheet Removing Limiting Beliefs

Lesson 2 More About Limiting Beliefs

Worksheet Empowering Beliefs

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