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This affordable Life Coaching Membership is for people who aren't quite ready to dive into a 1:1 life coaching relationship yet. But this is not just a place to sit back, read, and forget. This membership opportunity is a great way to experience the benefits of a life coach but work at your own pace. Pay a monthly fee of $66 for 2 months.

Here you will receive affordable coaching resources like video, audios, worksheets to work at your own pace. Login to the membership content and begin your journey for success. Select membership and pay monthly. If you are looking for ways to invest in yourself, there is no other way to receive this kind of value.

Lifetime life-transforming life coaching and high-performance training. You'll get new frameworks, strategies, and habits to help you stay focused and create more joy, confidence, and momentum in every area of life. Michael teaches new concepts exclusively here, answers questions, helps you navigate obstacles,

Master Coach, Michael's core program is Quantum Leap Your Success Principles for Millennials, a coaching program for creating the life that you want.

Quantum Leap Your Success Principles for Millennials is where you will learn Michael’s proven system and success principles which can take you to the new and better life that you desire.

There are 15 Success Principles included in this program, from finding and changing your mindset into your true power and discovering your purpose to unleashing your full potential and developing success habits.

The program is all about identifying what you want out of life, discarding any limiting beliefs, and ultimately achieving your dreams and goals so that you can create the life you deserve.


A proven system, we’ll use my step-by-step processes and tools for helping you reach a point of BREAKTHROUGH and change old patterns and habits, and create lasting change. Through gentle talking, and by working through a series of special exercises, we’ll help you to get unstuck by identifying your needs and potential roadblocks, and gain absolute CLARITY about what you really want out of your life, as well as identify who you truly are so that you can live an AUTHENTIC life, and so that you can GROW and stop doubting your ability to ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS.

You’re investing in Success Transformational Life Coaching where:

We talk about your dreams and goals. We talk about your service. We talk about your money. We talk about your life and loves. We talk about proven strategies you can implement in your life. We talk about you finding your path to success. We talk about other topics based on your needs.

Transform Every Area of Your Life with a Proven Success Principles system.

If you’ve never worked with a personal coach to create the life you want, you’re in for a transformational experience. Master Coach Michael will personally guide you through actual planning steps, solutions to roadblocks, confidence-building techniques — plus so much more. Includes weekly worksheets and accountability ideas to keep you on track with your goals.

These are the proven habits and behaviors that successful people use to perform at their highest level—in business, athletics, the arts, philanthropy, scientific breakthroughs, personal growth, and more. Additionally, they utilize powerful success strategies that—with the right guidance—anyone can learn. Get started today!

What's Included:

Lifetime access 24/7 to content Text message support Facebook Group Forum Quantum Leap Your Success Principles for Millennials Members-only content Members-only group to post or find answers to questions and find an accountability partner Cancel Anytime

What you will learn:

3 Core Success Principles Success Principle #1 Taking responsibility for your life and choices Success Principle # 2 Commitment for Success Success Principles #3 Accountability Systems

Success Principle #4 Reframing Your Thought Introduction to Reframing Components of Reframing How to Reframe the Before Process The After Process 17 Tips to Change Your Thinking Process

Success Principle # 5 Goal Setting for Success Eat the Frog Brian Tracy Introduction to Goal Setting Identifying your goals Clarifying your goals Having a Big Enough Reason Why Understanding your dreams and desires Creating Your Vision SMART Goals Creating your goals for success

Success Principle #6 Limiting Beliefs What is Limiting Beliefs Why we have a belief system How to overcome limiting beliefs Removing unwanted beliefs

Success Principle #7 Visualize Your Dreams What is visualization Why we visualize The importance of visualization How to visualize

Success Principle #8 Affirmation Statements What is affirmation statements Why and How Affirmation Examples

Success Principle #10 Building Confidence for Success Introduction to Confidence Building Difference between self-confidence and self-esteem The effects What are the dangers, the pathological critic Developing compassion Reacting to criticism Taking compliments Understanding Resilience Flexibility How to Bounce Back Creating resilient relationships

Success Principle #11 Habits Good/Bad – the difference between good/bad habits, why bad habits are good for you, and 7 Habits of Successful People, Brendon Burchard

Success Principle #12 Fears/Phobias – Difference between fears and phobias, coping with fears and phobias, and how to deal with fears and phobias.

Success Principle #13 Stop Procrastination – What are the 4 types of procrastination, Why do we procrastinate and how do we fix procrastination

Success Principle #14 Time Management – Dividing your time for your activities, creating less stress, and greater opportunities to achieve important life and career goals. Prioritize My Life - The process of prioritizing projects is an activity for defining what projects within a portfolio to perform in what sequence. How to prioritize issues, your life and career, and how to set them.

Success Principle #15 Adapting to Change What is change and How to adapt

Success Principle # 16 Mindfulness Meditation Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Practical tips on Mindfulness Meditation Observable Events and Body Scan with an Exercise Science and Research on Mindfulness Mindfulness Recordings 5-10-15-20 and 30 minutes

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